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Community Room Use Policy (revised Novemeber 2021)

The LaFayette Public Library’s Community Room is available for use by the public and organizations in and outside of the Town of LaFayette.



  • Library sponsored programs are given preference for use of the Community Room; otherwise, reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • The Community Room is booked through the library.  Reservations may be made by any individual or representative of a group who is at least 18 years-old, and must be made at least one day in advance of a function.

  • Use of the Community Room is restricted to regular library hours unless prior arrangements have been approved by the Director; otherwise, all people using the Community Room must leave the facility at the library’s closing time.


Donation (Fees):

  • Individuals who live, non-profit organizations located, or organizations with a representative who lives, within the Town of LaFayette, may use the Community Room at no cost.

  • For individuals who do not live, non-profit organizations that are not located, or organizations without a representative who lives, within the Town of LaFayette, a donation of $20 to the library for use of the Community Room is recommended.

  • Businesses and for-profit organizations may use the Community Room.  However, the selling and buying of products is prohibited*.  A recommended donation of $50 for 1-4 hours of use, or $100 for a full day, is recommended.


Prohibited Activities:

  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Community Room.

  • Smoking of any kind (e.g., tobacco, cannabis products, vaping, etc.) is not allowed in Town of LaFayette buildings, therefore, is not allowed in the Community Room.

  • Commercial activities* – selling or buying, are not allowed in the Community Room.




*Fund raising by non-profit organizations is permitted.


  • The individual, or group representative, who reserved the use of the Community Room is legally responsible for all actions of all persons participating in the function being held in the Community Room, including:

    • Assuring the group’s adherence to all regulations, including room occupancy, which is limited to no more than 40 people according to Fire Code regulations

    • Assuring attendees do not interfere with or disturb other activities taking place in the building by making excessive noise or wandering the building - attendees should remain in the Community Room except to use the bathrooms in the foyer, or to go downstairs to the library.

    • Assuring children are always attended by an adult.

    • Assuring the Community Room is left in a clean and neat condition.


  • The individual, or group representative, who reserved the use of the Community Room, is financially accountable for all damages and cleaning fees, if excessive cleaning is required, resulting from the action of a member of their group.


  • Misuse of the community room will result in denial of any future use of the facility.

community room short version of policy [pdf]




We are currently  accepting book and DVD donations. However, it is best to call first in the event we are not. If we are accepting donations, it is very possible that we may not be able use what you have. We reserve the right to decide what we can use and what we cannot use. We ask that no one leave donations outside or in the bookdrop when the library is closed. If boxes are left without having asked first, they will remain there. We appreciate your efforts and cooperation in this matter. If you would like to find out what donations other libraries are accepting, please click this link to call different library locations: OCPL Locations

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