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On April 19, 2023 the Library Board of Trustees voted to accept the OCPL system guidelines on library cards.  These guidelines are reproduced below.

OCPL Library Card Policy, Revised 2022

Library Card Registration Policy

Resolution #:14-16

Date Approved: 4/16/14

Review Date: April 2017

Revised: Sept 2022

Library Card Registration Requirements

Library cards are issued to applicants who are present in the library and who verify both name and address. A photo ID is preferred but not required, a piece of mail can act as secondary proof of address.

Juvenile Library Cards

Any child from birth onward may be registered for a library card by their parent or guardian. This adult must produce ID (photo ID preferred) and a secondary address verification such as an item of mail.

Parents have the responsibility for a child’s card and any financial obligations incurred on it until the child’s 18th birthday. If the child becomes an emancipated minor then they shall assume responsibility for all fees associated with the card. Persons who are emancipated minors are able to get a card with ID and address verification.

Adoptive and Foster Families who are awaiting final documentation or are transitional housing for children may apply for a temporary library card without associating a child and adult account. These cards are issued for 3 months and may be reissued on a case by case basis at the discretion of branch management.

Online Library Card Registration

Patrons may apply for a card online through the OCPL website. These cards allow for limited interaction with the library’s catalog and holdings. Patrons must finalize their card registration in person before receiving full access to library materials and collections.

Name Changes

Individuals who have changed their name for whatever reason including being members of the trans community may change their preferred name at any time upon request. Staff should use the “Preferred Name” field and do not require any documentation to do so. Patrons who are getting a new card and whose names have changed from what is on their legal documentation may use their preferred name at registration.

Patrons should never be required to be “dead-named” by the library and staff are encouraged to be creative in finding solutions to this issue.

Library Cards for In-System Residents

Individuals are entitled to an Onondaga County Public Library Card if they reside in the System’s service area, or they reside in a school district whose taxes support an OCPL member library, or if they go to school or own property within the System’s service area.

This card can be used at the Central Library, city branches, and all suburban member libraries.

It can be used remotely to access digital content, use databases, and download materials. Digitaal resources and access to them varies from library to library and may be restricted to each library’s registered patrons.

Free OnPass Library Cards for Out of System Residents

Individuals who reside in Out of System Areas may obtain an OnPass library card from the Central Library and the city branches and from any suburban member library that participates in the OnPass Program

The OnPass allows those who live outside of the Onondaga County Public Library System to have borrowing privileges at all participating libraries including being able to place holds on materials from participating libraries. OnPass borrowers have access to the digital content that is available to Central Library cardholders.



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