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The Lafayette Public Library has a community room located on the second level of the Town Commons. The room is 460 square feet and can hold 40 people. It has a cable drop for the county library catalog & Internet and a phone hook-up for local area calls or modem use. Wireless access is also available. A digital projector and laptop are available on request and a projection screen is located in the room. There three large folding tables and one round table with over 50 folding chairs.
Reserving the Community Room
If you would like to reserve the Community Room, you can stop by the library and reserve it in person or you can call and reserve by phone. You can only reserve the Community Room during our business hours.

Community Room Use Policy

1) The community room is available for Town of LaFayette non-profit organizations at no cost. If the organization representative is not from the Town of LaFayette, a donation of $20.00 should be paid to the library. Profit organizations may use the room for a $50 donation for one to four hours or a $100 donation for a full day.

2) The person reserving the use of the facility as a representative of the group is legally responsible for any and all actions of group members while they are in the community room. This person will be held financially accountable for any and all damages to the facility caused by a member of his/her group. This person is responsible for his/her group's adherence to all regulations.

3) To comply with the following Fire Prevention Code regulations no more than 40 people may occupy the room at one time.

4) Reservations are on a first-come,first-serve basis and should be made at least one day in advance. All people using the community room must leave the facility at library closing unless prior arrangements have been approved by the Director.

5) No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the community room.

6) Children must be attended by an adult at all times.

7) The community room is to be left in clean, neat condition.

8) Misuse of the facility will result in denial of community room use.
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