Libraries are essential pillars of our democracy: they make us better citizens
by providing free and equal access to information, resources, and ideas.
Libraries are also central pillars of our humanity: they offer the chance to
explore the lives of others, their varied perspectives, and unique sufferings.

We are committed to serving as a safe space for people to connect, learn, and
grow with and from one another.  Systemic racism, prejudice, and discrimination are counter to our mission and values, and we reject them in all their forms. We stand with library workers, with library users, and with members of the community we serve and support who have been mistreated, endangered, or threatened, simply for being who they are


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On that page you can also find children's materials. Just scroll down to "Tumble Books" And "Tumble Math".

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For those wishing to educate themselves further about the problems of inequality
embedded in our society, we encourage you to explore the following lists of
resources by clicking on these links: 

Racism - books for adults

Racism - books for children and

Also, check out "Items of the month" by

clicking here

LaFayette JR/SR High School

      Yearbooks: 1920-2001

We have had the yearbooks the yearbooks digitized for the years 1920-2001. To view them, click here


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We are now open without appointments. Feel free to come and browse, use computers, pick up hold, etc. We still ask that you wear a mask inside the building, use hand sanitizer and maintain a safe social distance. Thanks for your continued cooperation!