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Reading Fun

Upcoming Events

Heading 4

Friday 8/5 at 2:30 pm 
(for teens and adults only)

Wednesday 8/10
The Grand Finale Double Feature!
The Bubbleman at 12:00 pm
The MOST at 2:00 pm

Please finish logging your reading by AUGUST 12th!

Prize drawings on August 15th.


Past Events

Making "Personal Beaches"


First, sign up for your Reading Program. There are programs for kids, teens, and adults.


You can sign up online or in person at the library.

Next, keep track of your reading.  You can do that online, or use a handy paper log you can get at the library.  You don't have to read a set amount each day.  Just add it up.


You will get a fun little prize each week that you read, even if it's only for 15 minutes!


Reading, being read to, and listening to an audiobook all count!   You can choose print or electronic books or both.

How to log reading

Please finish logging your reading by AUGUST 12th!

Ages 7 and under: each one hour of reading (or being read to) = 1 point.

(If logging online, just add 60 minutes)  If you are using the paper log, that's a set of four creatures!


Ages 8 to adult: each book read = 1 point. 

(If logging online, add 60 minutes.)

Books over 100 pages = 2 points.

(If logging online, add 120 minutes.)


Get one raffle ticket for each point you earn! 


(Parents or caregivers, these times/pages/points can be adjusted if your child(ren) need something a little different.  Just let us know.  This is supposed to be fun.)

LaFayette Public Library

Oceans of Possibilities
Summer Reading Program 2022


How to Log Reading

The animals are coming!  The animals are coming!  Zoo to You is on August 3rd at 10:00 am.

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