LaFayette Public Library Limited opening beginning July 13


The LaFayette Public Library is now open for limited in house use.  We will discontinue curbside pickup on July 13.  Please note: to maintain health protocols during the pandemic, no one will be allowed in the building without face covering. We also ask that you sanitize your hands upon entering the library, with sanitizer we will provide. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping us safe and healthy. Here is how it will work: 

Returning items:* (this process will not change)

As things come into the library via the book-drop, they will be quarantined for 7 days before they are checked in. At that time, the check in date will be backdated to when they were put into the book-drop, so it looks they were returned on the drop off date. This way both the staff and the patrons can be rest assured that the items that are being handled for check out or put into delivery to other libraries are safe from contamination.

Placing holds

You can place holds (reserve an item) as you normally would: either online (click here for instructions) or by calling us -315-677-3782 (see hours below)

Picking up items

We will maintain the 15 minutes intervals for patrons to come to get items, except instead of curbside pickup, you will schedule  a time to come into the library. For now, we'll do  3 patrons per 15 minutes to better insure social distancing. 

Pickup and browse hours                                                            

Monday & Tuesday – 10 – 6:30                             

Wednesday – 10 – 4:30                                           

Thursday – 12 – 6:30                                               

Friday 10 – 4:30

Saturday 10-2:00


*PLEASE NOTE: we will continue to leave the book drop unlocked for drop off, and to quarantine the items for 7 days. Therefore, please return items in the book drop rather than handing them to staff or placing them on the counter. Thank you!

Computer use: in house and wireless

You can schedule a time to use a computer at 1 hour intervals. We have six slots/hour for in house computers and 5 slots/hour (places to sit) for inside laptop use (wireless is still available outside the building 24/7). If  no one is waiting for either a computer or laptop spot, your time can be extended

One hour intervals:

Monday & Tuesday – 10:00 – 6:15  (last slot 5:15-6:15)

Wednesday – 10:00– 4:15 (last slot 3:15-4:15)

Thursday – 12:00 – 6:15  (last slot 5:15-6:15)

Friday 10:00 – 4:15 (last slot 3:15-4:15)

Saturday 10:00 - 1:45 (last slot 1:00 - 1:45)

Puzzle Exchange

Have puzzles that you've finished? Want a new challenge? Bring your old puzzles in and exchange them with our inventory. 

The Puzzle Exchange is found in our front foyer.

Maker Corner

Our Maker Corner is growing! In addition to our 3D printer and Lego Mindstorms, we have added the ever popular littleBits, as well as the internet phenomenon Makey Makey.

Look for programs soon!

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Computer Training

We continue to offer computer training for our patrons.  This is a one on one session by appointment only. Please call (315) 677-3782 and ask for Scott to make arrangements.

There is an art display from the art students of LaFayette Jr/Sr High School in our teen area! We'd like to thank all of the art students who contributed their incredible artwork. Come take a look!

Teen Art
Teen Art
Teen Art
Teen Art
Teen Art
Teen Art
Teen Art
Teen Art

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A reminder that we have a children’s computer that has over 60 educational programs on it.  It has been very well received and we encourage everyone to come and use it.

Teen Art