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For those wishing to educate themselves further about the problems of inequality
embedded in our society, we encourage you to explore the following lists of
resources by clicking on these links: 

Racism - books for adults

Racism - books for children and

Items of the month

Each month our nation celebrates different groups - e.g. Black History month, Women's history, LGBTQ Pride, etc.  We would like to highlight items in the collection, both in LaFayette and systemwide. Each month may be celebrating more than one thing. For example, June is LGBTQ Pride month (not to be confused with LGBT History month, which is in October).  June also celebrates Juneteenth . The following is a list of items that apply to both:

Juneteenth:  In January, 1863 the Emancipation  Proclamation had taken effect. However, it only applied to freeing slaves in the Confederate states, and did not become nation policy until the pass of the thirteenth amendment which became policy in 1965. Click here for more info on the Thirteenth Amendment.  One June 19th, 1965 2000 Union troops arrived in Galveston, Texas and freed 250,000 slaves by executive order. Hence, "Juneteenth" or "Freedom Day" was born. For a list of titles available, click here

LGBTQ Pride: "LGBTQ" stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning. Many people across the age spectrum that identify as one or more of these. It's been relatively recently that more and more people are "coming out", recognizing within themselves their true identity, and seek to be recognized, and accepted by others. Even though these identities have been brought more into the mainstream, it can be a struggle for compassion and understanding. For more of a description and definitions click here. For local community organizations and support systems, click here . And finally, a list of library materials here:

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